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Shaun Kirkpatrick - Rock Guitarist R.I.P

Sadly departed, in the 80's Shaun formed UK rock outfit 'Bronz' who toured Europe and played 30,000 seater stadiums in the U.S. After a top ten single in the U.S. Rock singles charts and extensive Radio 1 airplay in the U.K. they sold over 200,000 albums worldwide. After his commercial success Shaun ran a commercial recording studio ('The Kirk') and worked with Van Morrison amongst others.

He then concentrated on writing and producing  music for film and television from his own production company 'Disk Music' and had contributed to many of our albums ("Rock Tunes", "80's Tunes", "Scary Tunes" and more recently "Landscape Tunes").

Due to the success of Bronz's second album - "Carried By The Storm" (recorded in 1985 - see for the full story) he re-formed the band including original vocalist Max Bacon.

Shaun's website can be found here...

Shaun Kirkpatrick (in front) at Powerhouse Studios recording "Carried":